Donata & Wim Wenders "Places of the Mind"
13 November 2015 - 09 January 2016
Galerie Polka, Paris

Paris Photo (12-15 November, Grand Palais, Booth A52)

„Places of the Mind“ is built around Wim and Donata Wenders‘ latest works made in Canada between 2011 and 2014, showing their two photographic approaches together in a first joint exhibition in Europe.

„Places of the Mind“ features among others the video installation „James Reading – Reading James“, a visual dialogue between Donata Wenders and James Franco capturing the mysterious presence of the actor, lost in his reading while shooting „Every Thing Will Be Fine“, by Wim Wenders. The plurality of Franco’s inner world brought by the act of reading, where the book’s characters, sounds, and words merge with the world of the set, crystallizes into an entity so dissonant that it finally becomes harmonious.

Wenders‘ photographs taken on location scouting offer a focus on the disparate and often tragic beauty of the ordinary. Whether looking at an aged-old crooked house or at a cluster of fisherman’s huts on a frozen river, Wenders‘ is interested in the inner life beyond the outside appearance of these places, the mutations they underwent, the acoustic layers they are impregnated with, the people and events they are carrying in them, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, in all their diversity.

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Wim and Donata’s works at Paris Photo: Polka Galerie A52,Grand Palais, 12-16 Nov.